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Time to nerd up and impress your boss like never before. Let the Magellan Marketing Platform transform you into a true data scientist.

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The SquareTab Difference

Most of today’s analytics companies work on a simple, two-part premise: We’ll supply the marketers with data, and they’ll apply it in a way that will help improve their marketing campaign and their business. This is a great philosophy with only one real problem. It doesn’t usually work.

The breakdown begins with the marketer, and the complexity of today’s marketing projects. Add data analysis to the mix and it becomes virtually impossible for any anyone to keep up. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this means that the intelligence gained from the company’s analytics is reduced to just a stat counter.

SquareTab ensures that your analytics are actionable and that you understand the relationships between the variables being measured. Learn how to be intelligent with website analytics. Signup to become a beta tester today!

A Stat Counter versus Intelligent Analytics

A stat counter does the following:

  1. Collects data
  2. Aggregates it
  3. Reports it

With a stat counter, individuals can review their stats over a selected time-period and generally determine whether or not things are the same, getting better, or getting worse. This type of tool offers little to help explain how you got here and where you’re going.

Intelligent Analytics

With intelligent analytics, individuals are not only able to report on the progress of their website or campaign over the selected time-period as with a stat counter, but also easily identify specific actions they can take to improve their campaign’s performance as well as forecast the approximate outcome (see the Wikipedia page on Prescriptive Analytics).

Which do you have, a stat counter or intelligent analytics?

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